A Very Nice Construction Co. - General Contractor - Remodeling and Repairs
Preventive Maintenance Plan
About the service:  I want to help you find repairs before they become problems. I will supply 1hr to repair anything you want, all you do is supply the parts. Then I will do a 30 min. inspection, and provide a report on my findings.
Cost of this service:
The cost is $99.00 plus taxes. Each additional hour is $30.00 per hour
How it works:
The hour of repair work can be used however you like. I will install a faucet, repair a door, patch a hole in dwall, install an outlet, whatever you want, just supply the parts or materials needed. I can do larger repairs at additional cost of $30.00 per hour.
The inspection will include all of your property and roof. Interior and exterior. I will send a report of findings in the mail. We can then decide what item is most important to you and figure a repair plan that is suitable and fair to you.
Most Common issues that cause bigger problems:
Loose hinges at doors                                                                   Door adjustment and lock repairs
Loose items, trim, lites, switches etc.                                           Exterior drainage issues 
Wood rot and weathering                                                              Cracks in paint surfaces and others
Roof issues, drainage, debris, leaks                                            Equipment malfuctions
Leaky faucets, toilets                                                                     Tub and sink leaks at calking etc
Broken cabinets, windows                                                             Weather stripping and drafts
Most costly repair problems start small and get large over time, let me help you find them before they become more costly.
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